My first Skype conversation

I came home from my vacation on Tuesday. I should had a skype conversation on the same day in the afternoon. But the flight was a little bit delayed, so I wasn’t home at the agreed time. I sent her a message if she could skype a day later, and she could do that.

Sooo, today,  Wednesday, is the day we are going to skype. And I am so nervous. I had a busy day planned: I had to check my blood values before 11:30 AM , make an appointment with my doctor, go to the gym. I had to do some grocery shopping, getting a birthday present for my best friend and bringing library books back.. Then the skype meeting, cooking and then I wanted to go to the birthday of my best friend…

But, that didn’t go on. I have been in (or on? (it’s a island)) Curacao for 2 weeks. On Curacao it’s 6 hours earlier, so when you wake up in Curacao, it is already afternoon in the Netherlands. I also haven’t had a lot of sleep in the past few days. What results in a veeeery long sleep from 10 pm on Tuesday till 3 pm on Wednesday. I was like WOOOW. I’m not that kind of person who can sleep till 11 am or who sleeps for more than 8 hours straight. And now I slept for 17 hours?

After this little shock I adjusted my schedule for today. I couldn’t go checking the values in my blood or making an appointment with the doctor. I had to do that before 11.30, so I would do that tomorrow. Okay, almost everything I had to do today, I moved to the schedule of tomorrow . Except the birthday. I can’t move a birthday of someone else. But my other best friend was also going, so I asked her if she wanted to buy a present from us together, and she did. While I woke up, I took my medication, dressed myself up and went down for breakfast. I’m still doubting if I should go to the birthday of my best friend, or go to the gym. Haha no I’m joking. My best friend is everything to me 🙂 I’m going both.

It’s almost 4 pm, so I started my laptop and went to Skype. I had a message from the woman who I should talk with at 4 pm. If it was okay to talk 15 minutes later. Well of course. And now it is 4:20 pm and I’m typing this. I don’t know where she is. The Skype status tells that is she is still “absent”. It’s 4:35 when I get a message: “I still need a few minutes, I will skype to you soon!”.  Oh there she is. I wait a few minutes and then she calls. We have talked for 50 minutes. We talked about her and her family, what she searches in an au pair and about me and my experience. She has a 8 years old son and a 16 years old daughter. The dad is hardworking and travels a lot. She is the primary caregiver but also an artist and yoga instructor. I really like her. She seems so nice. She tells me that she has more options for her future au pair,  but she also asks me if I want to talk to her current au pair. I would love to talk to her. So after our skype meeting she emails me the email of her au pair and I make an appointment with her for our skype meeting, which will be on Friday.

I was nervous, but it went very well. Sometimes I couldn’t find the right words or I didn’t know what to answer. But I think I showed very well what kind of person I am and how much I want to do this.

I hope you enjoyed reading this.


PS    You can leave your messages below this blog. Please tell me if you want me to blog about some specific thing, or if you have questions or comments or other things:D

PSS   I wrote this one and a half week ago.


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