I’ve found my host family!

Waaaah! I said yes! I have found my family! Okay, more details:

The last blog I posted was about my first Skype conversation. After that one I had more Skype meetings with 2 other families. I wanted to blog about that, but it suddenly went so fast.
Last Thursday I talked at Skype for the second time with the Lass family. I’ve spoken them once before and I had a really good feeling about them. It was 11.30 PM and I was a little bit tired, but I was looking forward to the conversation.
First I talked  with the dad and his daughter. Later on, the mother came home and they asked me directly whether I wanted to become as their Au pair. The day after I had planned a conversation with the family I wrote about in my last blog. So I didn’t say immediately yes, but I was very honored and happy that such a nice family wanted me. They reacted very nice. They said that I had to talk about it with friends and family and they hoped that I would say yes.
So I did. The family is great, that wasn’t the thing I had doubts about. But they want me to be there August 1st, which should sound great, if I hadn’t had the Dutch championships of vaulting at August 26th. I also had to work at the Cheese farm in August (yes, for those who don’t know: I work at a cheese farm). But I’ve thought about it, talked with a couple of my team members, with family and friends and made a decision

So on Saturday I emailed them to set up an appointment to talk at Skype. We should talk on Sunday. But Sunday she emailed me that she had car problems and she could Skype with her phone but only with sound and no video. So I emailed her back that I wanted to tell her that I would love to be their Au pair and if we can Skype later in the week. She was very happy about it and we are going to Skype at Wednesday.

The dad named Jonathan is a teacher at middle school. The mom, Kari, is a radiologist. They have a 12 years old twin: a boy named Andrew and a girl named Melissa. They live in the state New York and very close to New York City.

I don’t have much time to get my visa, insurance and everything else done, because I will leave at August 1st. But the organization helps me very well and we think I can get everything done at time.

Oh btw, the conversation with that other family I wrote about earlier went well. But eventually I had a better feeling with this family.

I’ll have my visa package, so now I can fill in the papers for my visa. Then I’ll going to the US Embassy in Amsterdam for an interview and to give them the papers and my


passport. And hopefully I’ll get my visa in a few weeks.

Soooo, that’s it. I’m going to enjoy my last month in the Netherlands. Tomorrow is my 19th birthday. I’m not going to do much special..
I’m going to a pool with Lisa and I have vaulting training. Maybe I’m going to a friend in the evening and of course I’m going to eat cake 😀


Talk to you later! Byeeeeeeeee 🙂



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