Only 12 days left! 

The countdown has started!   In less than 2 weeks I’m walking in New York City.

On August 1st I’ll fly to New York. I’ll be staying in NYC till the 4th and then I’ll be picked up and I’ll go to my host family. The first days I have an orientation program with many other au pairs from all over the world. We have 3 busy days of learning about childcare and everything around it.

Last monday I went to the US Embassy in Amsterdam.  My appointment was at 10.30 am and from my home to Amsterdam is a 2 hours drive. Fortunately my  mom went with me.  We went at 7.30, because I wanted to be sure I got there on time. My mom dropped me at 9.30 close by the US Embassy and she went to a park area to park the car. From where I had been dropped I had to find the right building.  I left my bag,  including my telephone in the car,  because you can’t get your phone into the embassy.

My passport with the visa

Eventually I found the right building and I had to stand in a lane of people outside. It is like waiting to go in the Space Mountain or any other attraction. There where nice people around me. We talked a little bit about what we’re going to do in the US. There was a girl who is going to study for a half-year and another woman who is a stewardess and need a visa to fly to the US.

After more than  1 hour waiting I finally got in. First I had to go through the security check and then I went to another room.  There I had to wait till they call my number.  I had a quick conversation in Dutch at a locket and after I had to sit down again. A couple minutes later they call my number again and I had had a conversation with another woman. This was in English and was going about my host family,  the place where I go and some other stuff. The woman said I’ll receive my passport and visa in a couple of days!! I was very happy that everything went well and that my visa request is approved 😀

At 12 o’clock I walked outside where my mother was waiting for me 🙂  We spent the rest of the day in Amsterdam and went to some shops.  I bought  4 jeans,  1 sport pants and 2 t-shirts. I hadn’t had the intention to buy clothes, because I can’t take all my clothes with me,   but I liked these  very much. Around 4 pm we went on the road back home.  But after an hour we came in a traffic jam 😦  On the radio we heard that it was a traffic jam of 12 kilometres (almost 8 miles) and a delay of 75 minutes :(.  So when we saw an opportunity to  get off the road,  we did that and went to the Ikea. It’s a construction market. It also has a restaurant where we ate something. Eventually we came home at 8 pm.

P1000144Now I’ve got my visa,  I’m almost ready to go.  I can start packing my (very big)  suitcase. In a couple of days I’ll receive my flight details, so than I know how late I’m going to fly.
My great adventure begins in just 12 days!

Sooo, this was just a short update. In my last weeks I’m going to enjoy the weather and have fun with my friends and family. On July 30th I’m giving a birthday/graduation/goodbye party. I’m really excited for that, but it’s gonna be hard to say goodbye to everyone.

I hope you all having a great day!



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