Tomorrow, tomorrow, I’m leaving, tomorrow…

Yesss,  finally! Tomorrow I’m leaving! Tomorrow my big adventure will begin!
And I’m soooooo excited

My last weeks at home were very nice.  I’ve had a lot of  fun with my friends and family.
I had to arrange some last things for my trip,  like insurance,  international driving license and I had to print some stuff. And  I had to pack my bags.
But everything is done and I’m ready to go!

Yesterday was my big party with friends and family. This was really amazing. My best friend,  Lisa, song a beautiful song . I had asked her a few weeks ago if she wanted to sing my favorite song (Love Yourself #belieber) at my party. Yesterday she sang it  with her little brother. When they finished “love yourself” , Lisa sang a really sweet, self-written song (in dutch). After that my father told a great story about me and my life. That was also very sweet 🙂
Saying goodbye to everybody was hard.. But I’ll see them again in a year😀

Today I’ve had my last vaulting  training,  which was veeeery emotional 🙁 I’m going to miss my team, the horse,  training, competitions and everything else. I’ve wished them success on the Dutch championships, which is about a month. I hate that I can’t be there. I’ve told them to win, and I believe they will do.

Even je hoofd een kwartslag naar links draaien           Of je laptop/telefoon/tablet kwartslag naar rechts     

Later this day I’m going to Lisa for the last time. I’ll pack the last things and get some sleep. Tomorrow I have to leave early to the airport (between 4.00 and 4.30 am). I’ll arriving in NY at 11.30 am. Till August 4th I’ll stay in NYC with many other au pairs from all around the world. We will have an orientation with an au pair training and a New York City tour. I’m really excited for that, and also to finally meet my host family.

I want to thank everyone who supported me and those who came to my party . And thank you for all the gifts! They are great!

You’ll here from me soon! Goodbye!


2 thoughts on “Tomorrow 

  1. Lieve Babette,
    Voor je Engels hoef je niet te gaan, dat is prima volgens mij. Ik heb veel aan je gedacht gisteren. Wat een achtbaan aan indrukken en emoties miet dat geweest zijn. Eerst afscheid nemen van iedereen die je lief is en dan direct allerlei nieuwe indrukken opdoen in een wereldstad met allemaal nieuwe mensen. Wij vonden het een gezellig feestje, dankjewel nogmaals daarvoor! Skip heeft het liedje van Lisa nog opgezocht en dat hebben we nog een keertje terug gekeken. Erg goed gedaan en heel erg lief!! Wij hopen dat je een onvergetelijke tijd tegemoet gaat en we vinden het dapper dat je dit doet. We gaan je blog met plezier lezen.
    Groetjes, Mieke, Eim, Mats en Skip


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