Goodbye Holland & Hello America

Helloooo from Scarsdale, New York

It is Friday,  August 5th,  and yesterday I’ve arrived at my host family’s house.  I’ll tell you about my first days: the flight and the orientation days in NYC.

13680456_1091858214232481_3160106582658724134_oLast Monday at 4 am,   we went on the road to the airport. With me were my mom, her boyfriend and my  brother. My dad was also going to the airport. My best friend came to my house that morning at 3.30 am.  She was going on vacation that day. So she came with her mom  very early to my house to say goodbye. It was very hard to say goodbye to her. I hope she will have the opportunity to come over here.

My plane was going at 9:15 am. When I arrived at the airport I had enough time to check in my luggage ,  go through the customs and get in the plane.  When I wanted to check in my suitcase,  there was some girl walking to me and she asked me if I was Babette. The girl was Daphne.  I already knew her,   but we only talked on WhatsApp,   I hadn’t seen her in real life. A couple of minutes later we saw the other girl we’ve met on WhatsApp, Vera.

Daphne and I checked in our bags together. We had 23 kg for each suitcase and we had 45,8 kg together.  So that was perfect 😀😀

After we checked in our luggage it was time to say goodbye. This was hard,  but it went well. Then, Daphne and I walked through the gates,  they checked our luggage and we walked to our gate of departure. We had enough time,  so we drank a cup of coffee and we talked a lot.

Then it was time to go in the airplane.  We could take our seats quickly and everything was okay. The flight was 8 hours and it was good and went very fast.

We landed at 11.30 am in the US. After the passport check, we picked up our luggage and then we walked to the exit . In the arrival hall was a woman from AuPair In America waiting for us.  She was very kind,  asked us if the flight went well,  if we were thirsty or hungry and she send us to the taxi. After a ride of 1 hour we arrived at the hotel. The hotel was great. I had beautiful ballrooms and nice rooms.

In the hotel we received a map with important information. That day there was nothing on the schedule, so we could do whatever we want. I just hang out with some other girls and went to bed. We should be sleeping in the hotel room with 3 girls. But when I was going to sleep at 10 pm, my roommates hadn’t arrived yet. In the middle of the night, at 1 am, I woke up and there was my first room-mate. It was Maria from Paris. We had a short talk and I went back to sleep. A couple of hours later I woke up again and there was the other girl. I looked at my mobile and saw that it was 4 am. I’ve had a little talk with the girl, Stephanie from Sweden. Her airplane was delayed, and that was the reason she arrived so late.

13918555_1110445002378376_1753249920_oAt 06.30 am we got our wake up call and between 7 and 7.45 we had to eat breakfast. After breakfast we had meetings, lunch, more meetings and eventually the New York City tour. I’ll definitely go back to NYC, so I’m not going to tell you about that now. This blog is already pretty long.

The rest of the orientation days where almost the same: Breakfast, meetings, lunch, meetings, diner and chilling with the other au pairs.

Thursday in the afternoon at 2pm we finished the orientation. Right after that a lot of au pairs left. Some were going to the airport, some to the train stations and some, like me, would be picked up at the hotel by their host family. My host mom had to work yesterday, so she picked me up at 5.30pm. I saw a lot of girls be picked up by their host mom, dad or the whole family. It was really great and cute to see.

And then after a couple of hours of waiting (and writing this blog) I finally saw my host mom walking into the hotel lobby. I walked to her, said Hi and gave her a hug.  My host mom and I went to a restaurant to eat something. The restaurant was on the Hudson River and had an amazing view. My host mom told me a lot about the kids, her family and other things. Back on the road to my new home, she told me a lot about the places we drove through.
After a short drive we arrived at the house. My host mom showed me my room, my bathroom and the rest of the house. It’s a great house with enough space.

I unpacked my bags and went to bed. Today I had a long sleep, I ate something and now I will finish writing this blog. Later this day I will go out for a walk I think. And tonight I’m going to drive the car with my host mom.

IMG_6471_editedI’ve met a lot people from all over the world. I’ve learned things about other countries and of course about kids and other relevant stuff.  I’ve made friends with who I am definitely going to hang out this year.



My american life, my adventure, my dream has begun!


8 thoughts on “Goodbye Holland & Hello America

  1. Hallo Babette, heel fijn en heel leuk om jouw belevenissen via deze blog te volgen en zo te lezen heb je het heel goed naar je zin! Spannend hoor! Binnenkort ff skypen of facetime liefs papa en Pauline xx


  2. Hoi Babette,

    Heel leuk om je blog te lezen en zo een kijkje in je leven in Amerika te hebben! Ik hoop dat je een fantastische tijd krijgt bij deze familie!


  3. Hallo Babette,

    Leuk verslag van je belevenissen. Blijf dit vooral doen!
    Ik wens je heel veel plezier en een hele fijne tijd toe met alles wat je gaat beleven.
    En hopen dat je getroffen hebt met je Amerikaanse familie.

    Geniet ervan! 🤗


  4. Dag Babette,
    wat ziet je website er mooi uit, knap gedaan hoor !!
    We hebben een leuk afscheidsfeest gehad van je.
    Veel succes verder in de verenigde staten.
    We blijven je volgen.
    Lieve groeten van Ad en Anke.


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