Summer camp 

Hi there!

I’m at my new home since Thursday and it’s great! My host mom is really nice and she showed me a lot: where the kids go to school,  their friends houses,   the train station and much more.
But there was one important thing I haven’t seen yet: the kids and their dad

The kids are at summer camp and their dad is working there.  So 2 days ago,  a sunny Sunday,  we went on a little road trip to the camp.  After  2 hours driving we arrived there (in the middle of nowhere).
And WOW, I became very jealous of the kids.  Why didn’t we have this when I was young? (little note: this camp is not cheap )
The kids are going to the camp for a couple of weeks in the summer. This camp is located at a big and beautiful lake. Next to the lake is the swimming pool. When you get up higher there are many more places and buildings : basketball fields,  soccer fields,  the kitchen, computer rooms and of course the bunkers where everyone is sleeping in.

The kids can do activities every day. The day before they can choose what they want to do.  They have a lot of choice,  you can think of: horseback riding, circus,  soccer,  tennis,  gymnastics, fitness, photography, web design, woodworking, lacrosse,  painting,  , swimming in the pool or  in the Lake and much more.

The boys and girls sleep in separated bunks.  Usually there are about 7-10 girls or boys in each bunker. Every group has their own counselors (two or three), who sleep with the group.

I also became I little bit jealous of the camp counselors.  What a great job do they have. If I hadn’t quite my education (sport and movement) I really would have done this as my internship.
It’s a hard job and you must have a lot of energy. They are almost every hour  busy with the kids and to make sure everything is going well. But I think the kids will give you a lot of. energy.  They are so happy and just enjoying their time at the camp.

The kids can’t have their cellphones at the camp, what can be hard for some of them. I think it’s really good that they don’t hear all the bad things that are going on in the world. Every morning they will give the kids a news update, but this is more about sport and other nice stuff.

It’s hard to explain how it is, but it’s truly amazing.

And the most exciting thing that day was that I’ve met the kids. It was a little bit weird to see them in real life, after the Skype conversations we’ve had. I was very glad to see them and to see that they having such a great time at the camp. I’m looking forward to when they come home (this weekend) and to spend more time with them.
I also met the dad and he’s soooo nice. I think I have to say that.. he can and he will read this.. 😉
But he is really cool. I already knew that because we’ve talked a lot before we met. He is trying to learn Dutch,  and he does it pretty well (he got a little help from Dutch camp counselors) 😀

At 3 pm we drove back home, to hopefully avoid the traffic jam. But we didn’t. The cars were  everywhere. After 3 hours driving we arrived at a really big shopping mall (second biggest of the USA). I needed a sim card for my phone, so we went to a T-mobile shop in the shopping mall. After that we ate something there and went back on the road. An hour later we finally  arrived at home.

Yesterday I’ve met a really nice girl from Germany, who is also an au pair here. We went to the centre of Scarsdale. There we went to a food market, ate icecream and we’ve hung out in the park. It was really great. She is here for 4 weeks now, but she could tell me a lot about “the au pair life”.

Actually, it’s still Monday here, but I think most of my readers are in the Netherlands, sooooooo read this as it’s Tuesday. And today I’m going to another girl who I’ve met at orientation😀


Ps: it’s not always fun and easy for me here. Ofcourse I miss my family, friends and vaulting. But what I miss the most is Dutch food. Just bread, normal yoghurt (without a sweet taste), STAMPPOT. But on the other hand: there is a lot of tasty food here to. So I’m gonna be allright. BYE


3 thoughts on “Summer camp 

  1. Wat leuk om weer even te lezen hoe het je vergaat in Amerika. Wat fijn dat je zo’n leuk gezin hebt getroffen. Dat heb je in NL goed ingeschat en het is dus de moeite waard geweest om hiervoor al eerder te vertrekken.
    Hier in NL wil het ng maar geen zomer worden, dus wat dat betreft is het hier zoals altijd. Het gaat je vast lukken om ook daar je eigen favorieten wat eten betreft te vinden.
    Veel plezier!!!
    Groetjes Wim, Mieke, Mats en Skip.


    1. That’s so cool! Where are you going to?
      Oh really? Do you know to which mall I went? 😂 my host mom told me it was the second biggest, but I’ll believe you 😁


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