Week 2: Meeting new people

It’s already Sunday! This week went veeery fast. I’ll tell you about it in this short blog 🙂
The kids and dad are still at summercamp and my hostmom had to work this week. So I had a lot of free time. My hostmom showed me some places every night.

Today I’ve met Rike. Rike is 18 years old German girl. She actually lived pretty close to where I lived in the Netherlands.
Rike is in the same cluster as I am.. A cluster is the group girls who live close to each other. We have one counselor: Paula. I haven’t met Paula yet, but I’ve heard from other au pairs and my host family that she’s amazing.
Rike’s host family is moving, so the whole family will live for a couple of weeks at the parents of her host parents. They live in Manhattan! After the move they will live in Scarsdale again. Actually, they went yesterday on a vacation for three weeks.
Buuut, the day was really nice! She picked me up at my home and we went to the centre of Scarsdale. We bought some food and a drink and just chilled and talked. Later we bought ice cream, went to the park and eventually she dropped me off at my home. It was really cozy, our conversations were funny and Rike is very nice.


Tuesday I went to Larchmont,  where Stephanie lives. She was my Swedish roommate at orientation. We went to the Starbucks for coffee,  talked a lot and ate a frozen yogurt. And then it was time to go back home.


It was a great day with Stephanie!

I’m not sure, but I think I went out for diner with my host mom that night. (we went out for diner a couple of times and I don’t remember which days exactly)



This day I’ve met Rike again. The plan was to go to the Walmart in White Plains and maybe to some other shops.  Buuuut Rike texted me in the morning that she had a little problem with her car. Sooo, she picked me up and we went to the car garage. The bumper of the car was broken or something.  Rike had to go back the next day to get it fixed. There was a really nice guy there who helped us.. Maybe I’ll let you know in a couple of weeks that Rike’s has a new boyfriend

After 2/3 hours we could finally leave and we still had 3 hours before Rike had to pick up her kid. So we went to the Walmart,  a couple of hours later than planned. Walmart is a shop where they have everything and it’s really cheap.  We bought some stuff (I don’t remember what exactly😂).  Wait,  I know what I bought: a sim card! I got a phone from my host parents with which I can call and text.  I used my own phone for internet and WhatsApp, but I could only use those when I was connected to the WiFi. So I bought a simcard with a plan and now I can use internet wherever I am.

13902627_1117539955002214_689636216027154475_nWe spent a lot of time in the Walmart and after that we didn’t want to any other shops.  So we rode to Hartsdale, where we ate a Frozen yogurt and then she brought me back home.

That night was the same as the others,  I think.. Next week I’ll  write down everything I’m doing, so in the next blog I can tell you what I’ve done 😀

Another day,  another meeting. This day I’ve met with Barbara from Germany. She was also at the orientation days,  but I didn’t spoke to her so much then. We both want to set up a plan at a fitness center,  so we went to a fitness center here in Scarsdale.  She also lives in Scarsdale btw. My host mom told me about a cheap fitness centre (10$ a month) so we went there.  The guy there gave us a tour and told us about the plans. They have the 10$ and a 20$ plan. For 20$ a month,  you can sport at every location,  you can use the massage chairs and you can tan for free. I think those are the most important differences.
Barbara didn’t like the gym and I think she is going to look for another gym. I liked this gym,  but I also like the Planet Fitness gym in White plains,  so I’m going for the 20$ a month plan. I think that’s still very cheap. In the Netherlands I paid €30 a month.

After our gym tour we went to White Plains, where we went to Target. This shop is the same as Walmart: you have everything and it’s cheap.  I bought a simple black top and a scissors there. (and possibly some other things what I don’t remember)
Later we went back to Scarsdale to have lunch and then I took Barbara home.

In the evening my host mom and I went to Brazen Fox,  where we had diner. I ate a really good chicken wrap and we watched parts of the Olympics there. The USA is doing very well at the Olympics. They have 26 gold, 21 silver and 22 bronze medals.  It’s a lot more than the Netherlands, they have 4 gold, 2 silver and 3 bronze medals..  But the USA is a lot bigger ofcourse..
After diner we went to a supermarket for foood shopping and we bought some tasty food.

Friday was pretty boring. Well, the evening wasn’t. I’ve stayed at home during the day #Netflix #Olympics.  In the evening I’ve met a Dutch girl, Benthe. We’ve met each other in White Plains, went to Starbucks and we’ve just talked the whole night (IN DUTCH YAY). And she is amazing! =D

My lovely mom has sent me a package with “forgot things what I really need”.  For example: I took my electric toothbrush with me, but not the charger.
I took the charger of my watch (with steps counter) with me, but not the watch itself..
Buuut, my great mom sent me these and some other things and hopefully it will arrive soon 🙂

I’ve spent the whole day in White Plains with Stephanie. Oh btw, I’m realizing now that I’ve said a couple of times that I went to White Plains, but I didn’t tell you what or where White Plains is.
White Plains is a city just 10 minutes driving from my home. It has 57866 inhabitants, which is similar to Doetinchem (where my father lives, in the Netherlands). White Plains isn’t very big, but it has a lot of shops, bars and restaurants. It’s crowded, but not so crowded as New York City. I like it.
We went to a shopping mall, where they had a H&M, Forever 21, Victoria Secret and many other shops. I’ve lost Stephanie a couple of times in the mall..

Eventually I’ve bought 2 simple tops, a vest and a sweater (for those who know me: that yellow sweater I wear so often: I’ve bought the same in light pink)
And then we got hungry, sooo we went to The Cheesecake Factory. For me, it was the first time there and it was sooo good! I had these soft taco’s filled with chicken, avocado, tomato and sour cream. After this, there was no room in my tummy anymore for Cheesecake, but I definitely going to buy one some day.Naamloos

Stephanie bought some beautiful make up. She loves make up hahaha. And I don’t have any sense of make up haha. But Stephanie does, and it was fun to see her watching all that make up. She is collecting Mac lipsticks (right Stephanie?) I have no idea why they are so special, but she want to buy 10? or 12? of them this year, and she bought her 7th one, I think, last Saturday.
It was a very nice and cozy day with Stephanie. In the evening I didn’t do anything special.

And then we had Sunday, the last day of this week. And it’s a special day: my host dad and kids were coming home!
At noon I went to White Plains to have lunch with two Dutch girls, Benthe who I’ve met on Friday, and a friend of her, Richella. It was very nice with them and it’s so cool to talk Dutch haha.

Salad with chicken, pecans, strawberry’s, mandarin, pineapple and poppy seed & half of a turkey sandwich

Around 3.30 pm I went back home. Andrew, the boy, was already home when I got back. An hour later, Jon (host dad) and Melissa came home. They also took another camp counselor with them, who is going to sleep here tonight.
We ordered Chinese food for diner and my host mom had to do a lot of laundry and I helped her a little bit. We are going on a little trip to New Hampshire this Tuesday, so the laundry has to be done before we’re leaving.

Soooooo, this was my week! I hope you enjoyed reading this. I have no idea if this is really interesting or not. Let me know in the comments!

Next week I’ll tell you about my first cluster meeting, the trip to New Hampshire aaand maybe more.


4 thoughts on “Week 2: Meeting new people

  1. Hoi Babette,

    Ik geniet van jouw verhalen dus wat mij betreft vooral hier mee door gaan.
    Wat leuk dat je een Nederlands meisje hebt ontmoet om gezellig weer in je eigen moerstaal te praten.
    Komt ze toevallig ook nog bij jou uit de buurt?😉
    Heel veel plezier daar en tot horens!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hoi Babette,
    Geweldig om je belevenissen te kunnen volgen! Vooral blijven doen, hoor! Zo te lezen voel je je best al thuis daar. Wat heb je al veel mensen ontmoet in een paar weken! Leuk ook dat je er wat foto’s bij hebt gedaan. Krijgen we een nog beter beeld.
    Veel plezier komende week!

    Liked by 1 person

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