Week 3: Pizza, New Hampshire& NYC

This time I won’t say I’ll keep my blog short. Last week I did,  but eventually that blog was longer than I thought it would be… 

Monday was a busy day at home. My host Dad and kids came home from summer camp the day before.  They have been away for 7 weeks,  what means that they had a lot of stuff with them. Monday we had to wash all the clothes and clean up the stuff.  At the same time we had to pack our bags for the little trip to New Hampshire.

Because I’m here for just a few weeks,  I didn’t know where I had to leave all the clothes and other stuff.  But I’ve tried to help where I could.

In the evening it was time for my first cluster meeting! A cluster is a group of au pairs in the same area. The meeting was at Frank Pete Pizzeria  in Yonkers and we got unlimited pizza and soda. I don’t really love pizza, but this pizza was tasty!
Lisa,  an other Au pair who I didn’t meet before,  picked me up at home, and then we picked Barbara up. When we arrived, we had to sign in and we said Hi to Paula (our counselor).  I saw Stephanie,  so we went to sit with her at the table.  There were already two other au pairs at that table. Another Au pair, Luise from Germany, was also going to sit with us.

It was a really fun and cozy evening! I’ve tried to learn more German phrases. Almost everyone at the table spoke German.  I learned them to count in Dutch and some other words and phrases.
The new girls I’ve met,  are  super nice and we’re definitely going to meet again!

The day after,  around 10.30 am,  my host family and I left for the little trip. We had to sit in the car for 4/5 hours,  so it was pretty long  drive. Eventually we  arrived in Rye,  New Hampshire. After we settled in our room we went out for diner. We ate at ninety-nine, where I had a really normal,  boring but delicious diner.
After diner we went back to the hotel and went to bed pretty early.


The rest of the week was really fun.
We went to the Seaside Science Centerwe swam in the pool at the hotel,  hplayed mini golf and went to the Beach. The coolest thing we did was the Water park where we went two times. They had really cool slides.
It was great to be with the family and it’s super nice that they took me on this trip!



Around 4pm on Saturday we came home. Together with my host dad I did the laundry of the kids. I’ve called with my mom,  because I was a little sad,  and it made me feel better.

In the evening I went to Richella,  a Dutch girl who lives 20 minutes’ drive away from here. On Sunday we had planned to go to NYC,  so I’ve slept there.

Next time I’ll say my name is Kim.. 

And than it was Sunday. We wanted to get the train from 8.50 am.  Buuuut, we missed the train, because we didn’t know where to park the car. We had to wait an hour for the next train..

Eventually, around 11 am, we were finally at Grand Central in NYC. But we wanted to go to the American Museum of Natural History, so we must continue by metro.
After 15 minutes of looking at the Metro Map, we thought we knew which metro we had to take. Buuuut, when we were in that metro, we found out that it was an Express, and that it wouldn’t stop at 81st Street, where we had to be. So at the first stop, 145th street, we went out of the metro and took another metro back to 81st.dino
At the museum we bought the tickets and then we finally got into the museum. We started at theBernard Family hall of North American Mammals. The animals looked so real and it was very impressive to see.

In the rest of the museum we’ve seen meteorites, people from different places around the world (Asian, African etc.), dinosaurs and much more. It was really cool and if you ever go to NYC, you definitely have to go there!
Little tip:  when you first walk in, you will notice the entrance fees posted. Typically $22 per adult is the “suggested donation”. It’s suggested, not required for entrance into the museum. So, just go stand in the lane and pay whatever you want for your ticket.
















Later we had lunch at Cafe Piccolo,which was located atAmsterdam Avenue

. Richella ate a ciabatta with pesto, tomato, arugula and mozzarella (I think?). And I had a toasted ciabatta with grilled chicken, avocado, mustard and mixed greens. It was really tasty, but hard to eat properly…14114081_1124521017637441_1520582033_o

After lunch, we had wanted to go to 34th , to go to Macy’s (a warehouse). It shouldn’t take a lot of time to get there.. Buuut, meet Rich& Babs: we can take the wrong metro, get out of that metro and then jump in another metro, which is also not the right one.
That’s why it took us an hour or more to get at Macy’s. It was already 5 pm, so we just had a quick look and Rich tried some shoes on.

Meanwhile, it was raining really heavily and we wanted to go to Chipotle for diner, which was one block away. So we ran through the rain and we got there pretty dry. Chipotle is aMexican Grill where you choose what you want to eat. First you choose a wrap, taco’s, bowl or salad, then the beans, the meat and the toppings. Pretty simple, right?
Richella ordered a burrito with chicken, black beans and some other stuff and I ordered a bowl with chicken, pinto beans and some toppings. After diner we’ve been to one more shop, where I bought 3 blouses and a dress and then we went to Grand Central. 

Around 10 we arrived in the town where Richella lives. It rained very heavily and we parked the car 1 block away. Buuut, the car wasn’t in the street where we thought it was…..
We’ve found the car quite fast in the street next to it.
I dropped Richella off  at her home and I drove back to mine (really slow, because of the heavy rain)

When I came home, I took a shower and went to bed. I immediately fell asleep.


In my next blog I’ll tell you about week 4&5: my first real work weeks! 



One thought on “Week 3: Pizza, New Hampshire& NYC

  1. Hallo Babette,

    Wederom een mooi verslag van jouw belevenissen.
    Fijn dat we een kijkje in jouw leven mogen nemen.
    Heel veel plezier daar en maak er wat moois van!😘
    Groetjes van Karina

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