Week 4&5: busy weeks

My 7th week has start today! As you can see in the title, this blog is about my 4th and 5th week. I’m sorry for this late blog. I was really busy and I didn’t have a lot of time to write. Oh, and when I had time my laptop wasn’t working… I really need to buy a new one..

Week 4& 5 s were the last weeks of the summer break. After 7 weeks of summer camp and one week vacation, the kids stayed at home for two weeks. I worked from 9.30 till 5.30 Monday till Friday. On Saturday I worked for 5 hours and I was off on both Sundays.

In the morning I’ve made breakfast for the kids (for the boy actually, the girls doesn’t really eat breakfast). I’ve made their beds and cleaned the dishes. Every day I’ve to do one chore: the laundry, vacuüm the bedrooms, the playroom or the tv room and clean the kitchen. I’m usually done with that before I’m making their lunch.

The kids are turning 13 in October, so they have a Bar Mitzvah Party at the end of September. It’s going to be my first Bar Mitzvah in my life and I’m really excited! They had to practice rhymes for the Bar Mitzvah and they went to the temple twice.

Both of them had to read a book before  school starts.  The rest of the time they were watching tv,  we played a game or he was gaming on his Xbox/Nintendo. She had a couple of sleep-overs with friends.
snapchat-5963655162993594653In the evening I usually go somewhere with other au pairs. In this two weeks I’ve ate a lot of Frozen Yogurt, but I compensate that with going to the gym! I didn’t went a lot, but 2/3 times a week. Hopefully I can go 4/5 times a week when school starts..  if I have enough time.snapchat-8533226177475805972
I went to The Cheesecake Factory with Barbara and Stephanie, where we shared a piece of chocolate cheesecake as dessert.




In the 5th week I went to Benthe. Her host family went on a holiday, Benthe stayed at home and her mom came to visit her for a week.She invited me and some other girls for a dinner at her place. We ate wraps which we filled with chicken, vegetables, guacomole and more. As dessert we ate ice cream, whipped cream and poffertjes !! We had a really great and fun night and her mom is great!

Dinner with Benthe, Richella, Lisa and Kristy (Benthe’s mom took the photo)

In this 2 weeks I’ve also met Valeria from Mexico, Adrienne from Switzerland, Laura from Austria,  Melanie from Germany, Kristy and Josette from the Netherlans. And I hang out with the girls who I already talked about in previous blogs: Rike, Stephanie, Benthe and Richella

Adrienne & Valeria

Last Sunday I went to NYC with Barbara. We left early in the morning,  so we’re in the city around 9 and walked from Grand Central to Times Square. There we met Barbara’s old match teacher, who was in the city. She’s been a couple times in New York and to other cities in America. She told us a lot about the city’s: what we have to do and good tips. Together we walked to Central Park. We walked through the park for a couple hours and it was great. Central Park is really amazing. It’s weird to realize you’re in such a big city when you’re walking there. There are a lot of people in the park, but it’s still quiet in some way..


This isn’t my picture

After that we walked back in the direction of Times Square. A couple of blocks farther was The Brazilian Day. There was a lot of food, there was music and a lot of (Brazilian) people. There was a great ethos. It was amazing and special to be there.




After the Brazilian thing and a quick-lunch,  we took the subway downtown to South Ferry. There we went on the free ferry to see the Statue of Liberty.  We didn’t come really close, so I’ll definitely go back there to go on another boat.

We went to Wall Street, ate (way too expensive)  ice cream and walked around. In the end of the day we’re very tired and decided to go home.

I wore my activity-tracker-watch-thing and we made more than 25000 steps that day!  The only subway we took was to South Ferry and back to Grand Central. We walked the rest of it  and it was totally worth it.  NYC is great city to walk through. Believe me,  just walk and don’t take the subway for a couple blocks.

Now it’s already Tuesday and my 7th week has already started. The kids went back to school last week and I was really busy.
In my next blog I’ll tell you about the 6th and 7th week!





2 thoughts on “Week 4&5: busy weeks

  1. Leuk om weer wat te horen, Babette! Wat een ervaringen doe je daar op!
    Denk dat menigeen jaloers op je is (al zal het niet altijd meevallen). Kijk al weer uit naar je volgende blog!


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