Helloo there!

Yes! I’m still alive! It took me a while to write this blog,  but here it is!  I’m six weeks in a new host family now and I’m really excited to tell you about it.


As you know, I moved from New York to Connecticut. From Scarsdale to Weston. Weston is just a little bit smaller than Scarsdale, but they’re different. Weston has a lot of big houses and great backyards. Scarsdale has that too, but there are normal and smaller houses as well. I haven’t find normal houses in Weston yet.. The nature is beautiful, especially now in the Fall.
Weston has about 10.000 inhabitants. What  is almost the same as the village I come from (Lichtenvoorde has 13.000 inhabitants). South of Weston are Westport and Norwalk, what are bigger city’s with more stores and stuff to do.ccccccct

In my first week here, I was working with the old au pair, Ilk
a. She showed me the routine and told me everything I needed to know. The week went fast and we had a lot of fun. Ilka stayed until the next Thursday and then she went back to Germany 😦 In 1,5 week we became good friends and it was weird to be alone after that.

I’m 5 weeks in this family now, and it went so fast.  The kids are really nice, smart and polite and my host parents are great. Everyone helps me with learning the language and the country.
My day usually starts at 6. That’s when I wake up and I start working at 6.30. I eat breakfast with the kids, clean the kitchen after that and do some laundry. The kids are going to three different schools. The youngest girl goes to Intermediate school and the youngest boy goes to High school. The schools are in Weston and are all in the same place, but they start and end at different times.
The other two kids are going to a private school in Stamford. I bring them there basically every day. In the morning it takes an hour to get there, because there is a lot of traffic. After that I’m off and then I usually go to the gym.
Around 2 I start working again. I do the laundry and pick up the kids from school. Sometimes one of the parents get some of the kids from school and sometimes I pick all of them up.

My hostkid is learning Chinese =D

If the kids don’t need to go to a doctor, dentist, orthodontist or whatever, we’re home and they do their homework, are watching videos or we do something.
I prepare dinner from Monday till Thursday. On Friday night we have a bigger dinner what my hostdad makes .
Usually on Saturday I work for a few hours, usually around dinner hours. Then I’ll eat dinner with the kids and we watch a movie or we do something fun.

When I was in Scarsdale I never stayed at home in the evening when I was off. Now I stay home more often. Because I work more now (what I really like), what’s exhausting of course. But also because I love it to be home here. Sometimes we watch a show all together, and if we don’t I also like it to be alone and watch Goede Tijden, Slechte Tijden (a dutch tv show) , watch something on Netflix, read a book or go to bed early.



Some people asked me when I’ll  start school. I came in Weston in the second week of
October, right after the Fall Semester started. I have no idea yet what I’ll do, but I’ll probably start school in January. I’m thinking of doing one normal course at Fairfield University or Norwalk Community College. And then I would like to do one weekend class ( a weekend full of classes where I get half of the credits I need) or a travel class.  For a travel class you meet three Saturdays or Sundays to learn about the place where you going to. (I can choose Washington DC, Boston, The Niagara Falls, New Orleans, Lancaster or Montreal). After the classes you’re going to the city or place for a weekend.  If I’m doing a travel class I’ll probably do New Orleans or Montreal.

These 6 weeks flew away, thanks to this amazing family and the other au pairs here. I went to Yale University in New Haven, I went to NYC, saw some amazing sights of Connecticut and had fun with other au pairs. The fall here is sooo beautiful. cttttttt
I get the feeling that I’m welcome now. My host family is interested in me and in The Netherlands and that means a lot for me. I really appreciate what my hostfamily does for me and I feel so lucky that I found them.

Yale University

My mom and Hennie will come here to visit me at December 23th. That’s in five weeks! They’ll stay here at my home for the first two nights. On Christmas day I’ll go with them to New York City and we’ll sleep there, because the next day we’ll go to Washington DC by train. We’re going to stay there for a few days, then we go to Philadelphia for 2 days. On December 31st we’ll be back in NYC and in the evening we’re going to do boat tour through the Hudson River. My mom and Hennie will stay until January 4th. We’re also going to do a Gospel Tour and we’re going to The Phantom of the Opera on Broadway. I’m really excited to see them again!

Thank you all for your sweet messages and for reading this blog. 
My next blog is going to be really cool. While I’m writing this I’m in CHICAGOOO! I’ll stay here with my hostfamily until Wednesday. Aaaand Thursday is Thanksgiving!



2 thoughts on “Heeeelloooo

  1. Hoi Babette,

    Wat fijn te lezen dat het zo goed met je gaat! Gelukkig heb je het nu wel goed getroffen met je hostfamily. Leuk om een kijkje in je leven daar te krijgen. Ben weer benieuwd naar de volgende blog!
    Veel plezier komende tijd!



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